10 Best Games

E3 2010 saw many high-pots and games out. However, there were still some under-the-radar games or games that didn’t receive much attention, dropped out, or were overlooked entirely. We’ve hit the reins with this list of the ten best games of fully missed series.

Crash Bandicoot: Originating in 2001 on the PlayStation, Crash Bandicoot received strong support from developers over the years, and was overlooked in favor of more popular franchise properties. However, each Crash Bandicoot game is fantastic in its own right, and the series deserves more recognition than most series do.

Spyro: Spyro is one of the most underappreciated platformers of all time. However, those that do mention it should mention that much of its success comes from the excellent gameplay and amazing levels that have been crafted over the years, not to mention the hype it created prior to its release.

The Castlevania: The games which have Castlevania as a component are some of the best games in the series. Its gameplay is action-platforming at its best. There is plenty of platforming in the game as well as a lot of boss battles. Fans of the series will enjoy all that the Castlevania series has to offer.

Spyro: Spyro is without a doubt the star of the series. He is cool, he is evil, and he has a female gorilla. The games have unique designs and work well together. There are many versions of Spyro, including the 20 that are platform games, but he always comes down to the same thing – platforming fun.

Crash Bandicoot 2: The sequel to Crash Bandicoot is Crash Bandicoot 2 and is even better than the first Didactic Crash crash. Spyro takes the platforming qualities that were in the first game to a new level. The first game was often touted as the best platforming game ever, and it still holds that title, even though Crash’s younger brother has since emerged.

Spyro: Yes, another game based on a platformer, but this time in the age of the videogame. The game is quite different to most other platformers because Spyro moves in zero-gravity on a sphere, and though it’s not necessarily the most realistic game, it’s certainly unique and fun.

Ogre Island: Originally released as a PC game, Ogre Island was later released on the PlayStation and Xbox. For those that haven’t played the game, don’t let its simplicity fool you. Ogre Island is a fun platformer where you control an axe-wielding ogres, attempting to defeat secret robots while avoiding gasoline, rocks, and children. Ogre Island is well worth playing if you’re looking for a good platformer to check out.

Crash Bandicoot: Yes, there are tons of Crash games, but Crash Bandicoot is the best in my opinion. Crash Bandicoot involves saving the world from an alien invasion using your crash suit. Not only is there an Action packed part to the game, but it’s extremely funny as well. That shouldn’t be lost on you either as there was a movie release a few years ago based on the game.

No matter which platform you like better, there is certainly a game out there for you.

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